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Legal translation - we translate your legal documents

Legal Translation


We specialize in legal translation. Our team of expert legal translators will treat your legal documents with utmost confidentiality and integrity. More...


Certified translations by certified translators

Certified Translation


When you need an official translation, you need a certified translation. We certify translations for immigration and other legal and official use in the U.S. and abroad. More...


Financial translation and translation accounting documents

Business & Financial Translation

WTS Translations offers financial translation and accounting translation solutions for international business and investing. More...



Academic Translation

Translations of university transcripts, diplomas, and other academic records for educational and legal use. More...


Medical translation - we translate medical records

Medical Translation

WTS Translations offers medical translations for health-care professionals, insurance companies, attorneys, and private individuals. More...


Genealogy translations - we translate your family history
Genealogy Translation


Discover your family history – and get it translated! Treasure your ancestors' stories, no matter what language they are in. More...



WTS Translations is a Utah-based, worldwide provider of legal, commercial, and medical translations. Our clients include law firms, government agencies, corporations large and small, and private individuals. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to consistently deliver accurate, top-quality translation solutions that enable our clients to meet their professional, corporate, and personal goals regardless of the languages involved.


Our Translators

We produce translations both in-house (by Nikolaj Widenmann, our CEO and ATA-Certified Translator) and through an extensive global network of professional language experts. Our carefully selected translators are not only language and writing experts; we strive to assign linguists who specialize in the subject matter of your text and who possess the expert knowledge that your translation project demands. Since language changes constantly, when possible and appropriate, we use translators who live and work where the target language is spoken.


Our translators are native speakers of the target language in question (the language the text is translated into) and possess native or near-native professional fluency in the source language. In other words, our translators translate into the language they know best – their own language. This ensures both linguistic and cultural accuracy.


WTS stands for Widenmann Translation Services.



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