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We offer certified translations for legal and academic use in the United States and for some other countries as well. We guarantee acceptance by USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Service). We also provide official translations for use by the courts, medical boards, and other entities.


Our certified translation services include the following document translation types:


  • Translation of immigration documents

    • USCIS approved translations

    • Translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

  • Court document translations

    • Discovery

    • Pleadings

    • Indictments

    • Divorce decrees

    • Plea agreements

  • Translation of academic credentials

    • Translations for medical boards​

    • Translations for university admissions

    • Translation of diplomas and transcripts

  • Driver's license applications

What is a certified translation?

Rules for certified translations – sometimes referred to as an "official translation" – vary greatly from one country to another.


The United States has no universal rules for certified translations; each entity sets its own requirements. USCIS requires the translator’s signed statement as to the correctness of the translation and the translator's ability to translate competently. In some cases, the certification is coupled with a notary public’s affirmation of the authenticity of the translator’s signature. Some entities require the translation to be performed by a certified translator.

Many countries outside the U.S. – including civil-law countries in Europe and Latin America – use sworn translations, requiring the translator to be certified, licensed, or sworn by the respective country's certifying authorities (typically courts or other government institutions).

Certified translations often need to be submitted as original hard copies to comply with authenticity requirements set by individual governments with regard to signatures and seals. This may lengthen the usual turn-around time and may result in additional shipping charges.

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