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Discover your family history – and get it translated!

If you’re like most people here in the U.S., your ancestors came from a foreign country. If that’s the case, odds are that they spoke a foreign language. My own family history is a prime example of that: my wife is from Mexico and speaks Spanish; I moved to the U.S. from Denmark, so I also speak Danish; my father emigrated from the U.S. to Denmark; and his ancestors were Irish and German.

Now imagine coming upon that old handwritten journal in Danish or a letter in German, Spanish, or Japanese. That's what happened to me. Actually, it was my great-great-grandmother Pauline, who as a German immigrant in the U.S. published an anthology of her writings in German gothic script in 1892. I didn't find it in someone's dusty attic; a Google search for the title led me to Amazon, where I bought a few years ago for around $20.

I should have gotten Pauline's writings for free, but that's besides the point (it's a matter I'll have to take up with Jeff Bezos). The point is that I promptly began translating some of her writings.

Now, imagine you come upon that old handwritten journal in Danish or a letter in German, Spanish, or Japanese. Or maybe a more recent immigrant ancestor recorded an oral history on tape, or more recently on an app in your smartphone that you have enthusiastically aimed at a living ancestor. I am not new to genealogy translation. As a professional translator, from time to time I receive a request to translate an old journal or from Danish to English. In fact, family history translation is one of my favorite translation fields because it helps us connect with our ancestors. After all, they are real people with real lives.

If your family history includes foreign-language documents or recordings, we will translate them into your language, enabling you to pass their memories on to your children and grandchildren.

By translating your genealogical records, we can help you turn your heart to your ancestors as you read about their experiences, challenges, and triumphs in their journals and letters.

Treasure your ancestors' stories, no matter what language they are in. Click here to contact us today.


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